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A Family Reunion Over Two Years In The Making

Greg and Mommy Christine

Alex, Zaven and Mommy Zanni

This is the moment Greg reunited with his Mom Christine, their 1st hug.
A priceless moment I will never forget!!!!! - Christine

Nothing but smiles! Together again


November 5th 2010

It’s been a long time coming and fianlly the day has come when Alex, Zaven and Greg will once again be reunited with their family. Christine and Zanni are flying out to the Netherlands to join the children on their journey home. We believe the children to be in good health but obviously very confused by the sudden attention and changes. We know that it’s going to take a lot of love and understanding to help the boys readjust as their lives begin again with the family and friends that care about them.

Welcome home Alex, Zaven and Greg!!


It’s amazing how word of the boys recovery spread so fast. We are grateful to all the media for their help in informing the public when we were searching for the children and also for spreading the good news of their return!

Here are some links to media coverage of the children’s return:

November 13th 2010


November 11th 2010


November 9th 2010

Mercury News

November 5th 2010

Dutch Public Prosecution Service department statement (In Dutch)

Daily Breeze.com

Examiner.com, Los Angeles

NBC Los Angeles



Thaindian News (Bangkok)


The successful arrests and recovery of the children were made possible by the international cooperation of the following law enforcement agencies and organizations:

  • The Hellenic National Police, Attica HQ, Athens, Greece & Juvenile Crimes Unit
  • The Netherlands Police Agency (KLPD)
  • Dutch National Prosecutor’s Office
  • The Los Angeles Police Department
  • The United States Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles
  • The United States Department of State
  • The District Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles County
  • Agents with the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office
  • FBI’s Legal Attaché in Athens, Greece
  • FBI’s Legal Attaché Sub-Office in The Hague, Netherlands
  • Department of Justice, Office of International Affairs
  • The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
  • The Association for the Recovery of Children
  • Find the Children of Santa Monica

Child Abduction! Please Help us to locate these children!

On July 2nd 2008 the lives of 3 children and 2 families changed forever. On that day while on a court appointed visit with their fathers Alex and Zaven Silah along with their cousin Greg Silah were abducted. What makes this parental abduction so worrying is the criminal activities of their fathers. Not only are the police looking for the men but also a number of would-be killers that have left threatening messages in voice mails. The children are in imminent danger and everything is being done to locate them before their captors are found by the wrong people.

Spreading the word about the Silah children’s abduction is easier now with the addition of the new Link to Us page. You will find a variety of link banners and the option to easily copy & paste the code to other websites and forums.

Thank you for visiting the children’s website and we hope that you will continue to follow the latest News and Updates as we can bring them to you. The best way that you can help the children is to spread the word. Letting others know about the plight of the Silah children will increase the chance of finding them and returning them to their families.
On these pages you will find photos and information about the children and their captors. If you see any of the people shown on this site, please contact the numbers given on the home page or dial 911 (U.S)

This website offers a forum where you can share ideas and leave messages for the families of the children. You can also forward any private tips through E-mail by clicking on the Contact us link.

We are now asking for your support with donations to help the families of Alex, Zaven and Greg to continue their fight to find the children. It is a very expensive process and the financial burden continues to grow. If you would like to help, please donate using the secure link on our donations page. It allows the use of Paypal or credit cards.

Happy 12th Birthday Greg!!
July 17th 2010

Happy Birthday Greg from your Mommy and all of your family and friends!! We are looking forward to celebrating your 13th birthday with you here at home. Remember that you are loved and missed by so many people that are praying for you all the time. Greg, when you read this please write a note to your Mommy in the little chat window (Mom’s Hotline) above here to let her know you are well. We would love to hear how you are doing. You or Alex and Zaven can also send her an E-mail with the links you can see by the chat window.

Two Years Missing but Never Forgotten!
July 2nd 2010

Today marks the second year on the abduction of our precious boys, Greg, Alex and Zaven… Let us all remember them in our hearts and wish for their fast and safe return.

Greg, Alex and Zaven, we miss you very much!!!

A message from Mommies Christine and Zanni

My precious Greg,
Two years ago this day your father abducted you and took you away and ever since then it has been an agonizing nightmare for me. I think about you everyday wondering where you are and what you’re doing… I think about you while driving to work or working in the kitchen and can’t help my tears… My sweet angel, I miss you so much and hope and pray that this will be the last year that we are apart!

Love, Mommy

My dearest most precious darlings Alex and Zaven,
My heart is aching today as I cannot imagine two whole years have now gone by since I’ve seen you and held you in my arms. You are always in my heart and on my mind. The pain is too great to bear, yet it is only through God’s grace that we are surviving and rising above this incredible challenge. I miss you so very much, but I refuse to think negatively even for a split second. I know in my heart we will be reunited, and I pray to God that day comes soon. I pray each and every day that the Lord is keeping you safe and healthy. Please be well, take care of each other and never ever lose faith. I love you so very much and cannot wait till you’re back home and in my arms.

All my love,

Special Thanks!

Thank you so very much to Forever Searching for putting together the above video and for all of their efforts to raise awareness about our boys and for missing children worldwide!. Please visit their website.You never know if you will recognize someone and help reunite them with their family.

Thank you to Larry Altman at the Daily Breeze for his continued dedication to finding our children. Please read his recent article Mothers mark 2 years of anguish that publicizes the second anniversary of the children being abducted.
2nd Year missing - Please help us find Alex, Zaven and Greg

A Mother’s Prayer
March 2010

A Mother's prayer

CBS News Interview with Zanni and FBI Agent
March 24th 2009

On Tuesday 24th of March 2009 we got our first glimpse at a little of the machine working in the background in the effort to find the three missing Silah children. Since the story broke last year and awareness of the children’s plight grew with coverage on TV news broadcasts, Talk shows like Dr. Phil and Greta Van Susteren and local community fundraisers, the FBI has been working hard to establish leads that might help locate the Alex, Greg and Zaven. Tonight in this exclusive CBS TV interview with Agent Jim Davidson of the FBI’s Violent Crimes Major Offenders Squad(VCMO) we learned a little about how they are closing in on the Fugitive fathers.

Evidence suggests that the boys were taken through Mexico and as far South as Guatemala, Central America. It is unknown if they are still there at this time but if they are it is expected that their captors have probably changed their appearances to avoid detection.None of this would be possible without people like yourself that care enough to take interest in this case and provide the much needed clues that will bring our boys home.

Anyone with more information as to the whereabouts of the men and the boys was asked to call FBI Agent James Davidson at (310) 996-3451

You may also call Toll Free to 1-877-LAWFULL (1-877-529-3855) and after hours.

Many thanks go out to the FBI for their dedication to finding the children and to CBS for helping keep the story in the public eye.

Missing our friend Alex
The following video was put together by Alex’s friends at the Westchester Lutheran School. His friends and teachers as well as members of the church have done so very much to help keep the children in the public eye and raise the funds needed to actively pursue the recovery of Alex, his brother Zaven and cousin Greg.

This is a special birthday gift for you Alex from the people that love you and can’t wait to see you home and back in school. (Boy are you going to have a lot of homework to catch up on! Just kidding 80) )

L.A City Council renews $25,000 reward

March 10th 2009

Los Angeles City Council has agreed to extend the reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the abductors of Alex, Zaven and Greg Silah.

John and George Silah disappeared along with the children on July 2nd July 2008. It is believed that George’s girl friend Gayane Dobadzhyan and her two brothers also left with them at the same time. If you know the whereabouts of any of these people we need to know.

If you have any information that will help authorities locate the children please call detectives at(310) 482-6313 or After hours and on the weekends at 1-877-LAWFULL.

For more information about the reward click here

To all our friends and supporters

Dear friends,

Thank you for your continuing support of the children and their families. It has been 2 years today, July 2nd 2010 since we have seen Greg, Alex and Zaven yet it seems like an eternity. This must feel like a lifetime to Christine and Zannie who pray every day for the safe return of their beloved children. I have the pleasure of knowing the two of them and their faith and commitment to finding their boys is as strong today as it has been since the day they were taken.

For these two amazing moms it has been an emotional roller coaster with days of hope and moments of fear. With all of your support, determined efforts to help and kind words and prayers, they have found the strength to continue their fight to find the children. They knew from the beginning that the chances were high that the search for the children could take time although the hope was it would happen quickly. The police, FBI and many other agencies are now involved. There has been some great exposure through the media but there can never be enough till we get the boys home. You, yes you have raised enough money to have ARC (Association for the Recovery of Children) start working on the case at the appropriate time. The wonderful thing about ARC is that the funds raised will not go to waste and will only be used when the time is right. We are all hoping that time will be soon.

We have come a long way in the last year laying a solid foundation in the search for the boys. We have to look at it as sowing the seeds that will eventually grow and bear fruit. We must however continue to tend to the seeds that have been sown to make sure that all the work has not been in vane. If you are thinking “it’s been 2 years already” don’t be discouraged. Each day that passes is one day closer to us seeing the smiles on the faces of Alex, Zaven and Greg.

Please continue to have faith that we will soon see the children, keeping them and their moms Christine and Zanni in your prayers.

Paul a.k.a Limey
Editor at FindTheSilahChildren.com

A special message to John and George Silah… We will find you wherever you are and whatever rock you are hiding under. We will find the children and return them to their family where they belong. It’s not a matter of “if” but rather “when”!

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Please download a .pdf file of the flyers shown below. The download is small but the image quality is good. The .pdf file has 2 pages that contain both the MISSING and WANTED flyers. If you can print then place the flyers in high traffic areas like supermarkets and fast food restraunts it will increase the chance of someone recognizing either the children or their captors.

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The Silah children are individually registered with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Anyone with any information regarding this case is asked to contact:

Pacific Area Detectives at (310) 482-6313.

After hours and on the weekends, please call 1-877-LAWFULL.

Please look for news and updates here.

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