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A recent video posting on Youtube by entitled “Parental Abduction Awareness” features the Silah children, Alex, Zaven and Greg. ‘Forever Searching’ is a global group whose whole purpose for existing is to raise awareness to individual child abductions throughout the world.

Below it I have also added another of their awareness videos that features the three Silah children.

As a parent myself I find it hard to watch these not only because I know the mothers of Alex, Zaven and Greg but because The thought of such a thing happening to my own children is beyond all imagination. These are real children, real lives and real heartbreak. Thank you for taking the time to pay to visit the boy’s website and caring enough to help.

Child abduction is a crime, even if the child is your own. The damage done to a child caught up in this situation is largely not known by the general public. Pyschologists and child care experts have been researching and documenting this, the effects of the child victims of this crime is devastating, and that’s without taking into account the emotional damage done to the left behind parent and extended family.

Sylvia Bourdjian is an Armenian reporter from Germany who contacted us as she had heard of our situation and wrote the article with our permission. Azad-Hye is a Middle Eastern Armenian portal accessed by Armenians all across the world.

Silah Children - Alex and Zaven

Alex and Zaven Silah

What could be a mother’s worse nightmare?


Azad-Hye Special

Some of us may have received emails about the abducted Soulahian (or Silah) children in the U.S., but I wonder how many have reacted to do something in this regard? May the best they have done is to forward the email to other friends and then forget about it.

On 02 July 2008, the lives of three children and two families changed forever.
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Christi Paul interviews Kristen Anderson from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children as they look at the case of the missing Silah Children. They discuss in detail the children and how they can be recognized. This was a superb interview and thanks go out to CNN for an incredibly helpful program in locating our most precious gifts, our children.

NCMEC pages for the boys: Alex, Zaven and Greg

Fund Raiser – Rummage Sale

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The entire Westchester Lutheran church and school community as well as local Westchester community members supported a rummage sale organized by Westchester Lutheran school. The tireless efforts of school principal, Sandra Masted, along with classmates of Alex and Zaven and caring school parents dedicated long hours to set up on Friday evening and work various shifts on Saturday to make this event a success and raise over $2000.00 for the Association for the Recovery of Children. Christine and Zanni are deeply grateful for the school’s continued support with the effort to bring Alex, Zaven, and Greg home.
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Happy Birthday Zaven!
A Message from Mommy

TV News coverage –

November 19th 2008

Alex, Greg and Zaven have been showcased on the popular CBS show “Without a trace”.

“They disappeared in an alaborate scheme 5 months ago. Now the mothers of these missing kids get help from CBS’ “Without A Trace.” Mary Beth McDade reports”.  (
Here is a link to the video found on
FBI – No Holds Barred!!
October 23, 2008
FBI adds Silah children to their Parental Kidnappings list
The Federal Bureau of Investigaton has added the children to their list of Parental Kidnappings.
The list shows the names, information and photos of kidnapped children and that of the parents that are wanted for the crime.
FBI Parental Kidnapping list

The FBI has updated their “Wanted” page and it has showcases the John and George Silah. They share page with links to other criminals and terrorists including Usama Bin Laden.


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Visit the FBI’s Website

The Dr.Phil Show will air on DECEMBER 1st 2008 on CBS at 4pm . It will Not be repeated at 7pm as previously expected. It is going to be a different Dr. Phil show altogether, called “Siblings raised in a cult-like setting”.

The times given are for the Los Angeles area so be sure to take a look at your local listings in your area.

I hope those of you who are not able to watch it at 4pm PST (Los Angeles) you will be abe to record it for later viewing.

Thank you all for your patience. It’s on, it’s off and now it’s going to be on again! Make plans to tune in and see what Dr.Phil has to say to Christine, Zanni and the fathers who took the children away from their loving family.

Dr.Phil Show with Zanni and Christine

Dr. Phil Promo for the show as seen on TV.
(check your local listings)

Parental abductions are more common than you might think. Parental abductions and runaway cases make up the majority of missing children in the United States. In 2001 there were about 725,000 children reported missing, or nearly 2,000 per day. (

The Dr. Phil Show is the second highest-rated daytime talk show in the nation. The premise of his show is that he helps those who suffer from domestic violence, child abuse, depression, racism, substance abuse and other health issues.

This is a great opportunity for the public to recognize John and George Silah with a viewing audience of between 4 to 5 million, and repeats of the show also getting high ratings, hopefully someone will be able to help us find the children.

By Molly Hennessy-Fiske, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
September 21, 2008
Students filed into the room, including one of Zaven’s best friends, Nico Villalobos, who wore a blue-and-white plastic bracelet reading “Find Alex and Zaven Silah.” Nico and other classmates spent a Saturday afternoon with their parents selling the bracelets for $20 each outside a nearby supermarket. They raised $2,000 for the Assn. for the Recovery of Children, a Redondo Beach-based nonprofit that is trying to find Alex and Zaven.

Parents at the school also met with leaders of the local Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce about upcoming fundraisers at the school to raise $20,000 for the two mothers and the nonprofit. As of this week, they have raised about half the money. They also contacted the Los Angeles City Council, which in August voted to offer a $25,000 reward for information leading to the Silah boys’ return.

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A concert/support event will be held this Thursday evening, September 25, from 7-8pm at Westchester Lutheran church. The event is being held to to help raise awareness and show support for Zanni and her two missing sons Alex and Zaven and Christine, the mother of Greg.
Members of the public are welcomed to join the 7th grade students and the school choir in an hour of song and prayer for the safe return of the three boys.
We are honored to have a special guest speaker, none other than Bazzel Baz the founder and CEO of The Association for the Recovery of Children (ARC). ARC is a non-profit organization dedicated to the recovery of missing and exploited children, foreign and domestic.

If you would care to donate, the Silah children’s case has been taken up by ARC and donations can be made towards the recovery efforts at the event. By making checks payable to ARC and writing”Silah Operation” in the memo area your contribution will be certain to go towards finding the boys . All donations though ARC are tax deductable. Tax ID # – 68-0650925

Christine and Zanni will also be present at the event and are looking forward to meeting all the kind supporters and friends that have been helping to Find the Silah Children.

Westchester Lutheran is located at:
7831 S. Sepulveda Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Ph: 310-670-5422

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Just received – An E-mail from Brianna On thursday My school will have a concert for Alex, Zaven, and Greg. I will be singing “When you believe”. My class will sing “you’ll be in my heart” I miss alex SOOOOO much I never met Greg but I’m sad none the less. Me and Alex were to see the last episode of Avatar together. And watch all the avatar episodes together. On the day of the movie (the avatar) I didn’t hear from him. Well a couple of weeks later I heard he was…gone. I was soooo upset. I cryed to the point where I couldn’t anymore. I vow never to watch that movie without him. I pray every day that he will come home and for the dads to bring them soon. All I can do now is…Pray.

After the Event – Quick note. Much more to come!

The Event was a great success and I am so pleased that I attended. There was so much beautiful music, both inspirational and thought provoking. The school cheer leaders even made an appearance to bring in the concert with cheers for the boys. Wher ever the boys are I am sure they heard.

But the night was about the boys, Alex, Zaven and Greg. The stars of the show were the children of the school who sung their hearts out with emotion and passion. In a minute I was wanting to jump for joy and the next I was on the brink of tears.

I had to ask one of Alex’s teachers, Ms. Packman teacher of Social Studies “Does everyone in the school sing?” She said, “Just about!”. The band was made up of teachers and students that graduated last year and they performed flawlessly.

Bazzel Baz gave a clear accounting of what we could expect from The Association for the Recovery of Children (ARC). Although it was not what some might have wanted to hear, Mr. Baz reminded us all that we might see the boys back in a week, a month, a year or two. He said also that ARC will do everything in their power to make the homecoming of the children a reality. Mr. Baz told us that in every occasion it is the power of prayer and our submition to God’s will that brings home the children and that He and his organization are the instruments that can make it happen. His uplifting talk left me with an increased feeling of hope, but tempered with a dose of reality.

And Brianna… 
You were inspirational and I thank you for your beautiful performance. You have given me the push I needed to do all I can to help the School do all they can to bring your dear friend Alex, brother Zaven and cousin Greg home safe. You sing like an Angel, Alex’s Angel. Keep singing, he will hear you.

Paul Shepherd 

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