The Children

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The Boys:

Greg’s Information

Greg Silah

Greg is a very friendly, honest, and an intelligent boy. He is very much liked by all his classmates and teachers at Holy Martyr’s Elementary School. He always excelled in school and was a good role model in class. His favorite subject is Science. Greg plays the violin and did so well on his last recital this past April.

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Zaven’s Information

Zaven Silah

Zaven is a sweet, friendly, smart boy who looooooves playing the drums, making paper airplanes, and playing games on the computer. Most of all Zaven loves being able to help others. If ever anyone needs any task done, Zaven’s the one to jump and volunteer to do it.

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Alexander’s Information

Alexander Silah

Alex is a typical 12 year old boy interested in spending time with friends, listening to music on his I-Pod and Youtube, text messaging his friends, and being on the cheer team. He’s a smart boy who’s friendly, talkative, and outgoing, and does well at school.

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The Story:

On July 2nd 2008 the lives of 3 young boys were changed forever.
During what should have been a regular visit to their father’s homes with talk about a Disney cruise, things suddenly took a turn for the worse. Instead of a vacation of a lifetime the boys were about to start the nightmare of a lifetime. The cruise was bought and paid for but police say that the tickets were never used. The fathers never had any intention of going aboard the ship. It was just an attempt to get passports form the mothers the children.

John and George were involved in large scale scams against people in their own community, conning over $5 million out of Southern California residents. After giving people hope and inspiring them to invest in their schemes they would leave them with nothing. Needless to say this has angered many of them to the point that they have been driven to revenge. Over 40 violent messages were found on their voice mail, threatening their lives. They are not only running from the law, they are running for their lives, fearing the victims of their devious games. When the fathers ran, they took the children with them, placing their lives at risk too.

The Silah brothers, John and George are probably using fake identities because a current driver’s license was found shredded. They are also armed and considered dangerous.

The mothers were expecting the children home but when they never arrived and contact with the fathers was broken they knew something was wrong.
Christine Jeanbart, mother of Greg Silah (age 10) and Zanni Meguerian, mother of Alex Silah (age 12) and Zaven Silah (age 8 ) contacted the authorities and since that day they have been on a crusade to find their sons.

I have known Christine over 4 years now and have watched her as she has dedicated her life to raising her son Greg. Greg is a wonderful violinist, excels in school and will be missing his Mommy very much.

This was supposed to be one of the happiest times of Christine’s life as she was planning to get married to a wonderful man, Daniel. Greg is to be the ring bearer. They have postponed the wedding till Greg get’s home. It was also Gregs birthday on July 23rd, making him 10 years old

By now many of us have seen the news coverage on TV and witnessed the passion displayed by Zanni Meguerian for her 2 sons. We have seen strength in speaking up about the men that stole her children away from the life and family and friends they loved. We have also seen the raw emotion as the heavy weight of not knowing where her beloved Alex and Zaven are and fearing for their lives.

A message to Alex and Zaven from Mommy

A message to Greg from Mommy

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Anyone with any information regarding this case is asked to contact:
Pacific Area Detectives at (310) 482-6313.
After hours and on the weekends, please call 1-877-LAWFULL.

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